This site is devoted to reinterpreting the treasures of the ancient liberal arts from a modern perspective. These arts provided the substantial basis for higher education throughout Europe for over a thousand years. Having studied the liberal arts for many years I would like to point out that they were much more than simply a system of education. They were and still are a powerful way to summarise and preserve the tremendous wisdom of the ancient world, a wisdom which saw within each individual the most tremendous potential to become a truly enlightened person.

Thank-you for visiting this site where you will be able to access all of our free articles and podcasts on the treasures of the ancient liberal arts. Through checking these out you will then begin to gain a greater appreciation, not only of your own tremendous potential, but also the knowledge, wisdom and tools needed for you to be able to fulfill that potential. Self-realization, self-development, self-actualization – these and more were the original concern of the liberal arts and although ancient of provenance, they nonetheless remain ever fresh to those who see within themselves the tremendous possibility to become a wiser and more enlightened human being.

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