Dr Michael Hewitt


I am an educator, composer and author currently living in the beautiful mountains of North Wales. I earned a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of London and a Master of Music degree and doctorate from the University of North Wales, Bangor.

I am a highly qualitifed teacher of musical theory, composition, harmony, counterpoint and music production. I am also the author of numerous textbooks on music, including the popular series of books for computer musicians, which include Music Theory for Computer Musicians; Composition for Computer Musicians and Harmony for Computer Musicians.

I am a lifelong student of the liberal arts for which I have a great deal of enthusiasm. This particular site is devoted to the study of the liberal arts and the various subjects associated with them. If you find yourself interested in the talks and articles presented here please consider being one of our patrons on Patreon.  If you would like to purchase any of my books you will find the links here:

This then brings me on to my colleagues who are co-creating this project with me.

Sue Frisby

This project on the liberal arts probably would not have happened were it not for the encouragement, inspiration and hard work of Sue Frisby, who is herself a keen student of the liberal arts. Born in Manchester, Sue has worked primarily in the field of health and well being. She co-founded the IBS Network in the early 90’s; has been a community worker, in particular using technology to help people publish their work and is also an enthusiastic wild herbalist. Sue is also a professional artisanal chocolatier, manufacturing and producing her own brand of chocolate using only the best, and most nutritional organic ingredients.

I have always found Sue a really inspiring person to be around. This is because of her tremendous attitude of positivity. In Sue’s world anything can be done providing you focus your mind properly on the task to hand. I first met Sue as a student at Coleg Harlech where I taught her music technology. She quickly became one of our best students ever. Her work was not only superb, but it also radiated a quality of excellence that was a joy to behold. Thankfully, when she found out what I was intending to do here, she signalled her desire to get involved. For this reason, you will often hear her speaking when we discuss various topics relating to the ancient liberal arts.


Then there is my partner Juliet, who is truly amazing, a genuine new renaissance woman. Her skills are invaluable to us simply because she can apply her unbounded creativity to any task. Trained in art and design at Medway College of Design and the North Wales School of Art and Design, Juliet has worked extensively across a broad spectrum of creative disciplines, ranging from writing, photography, video-making, ceramics, textiles, painting and sculpture.

Juliet strongly believes that creativity is a spiritual path in itself and that within each one of us lie the seeds to transform our inner and outer lives through the harnessing of this expressive power. The study of the liberal arts thus provides a firm foundation and structure upon which the inner creative life can be developed. 



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