Here you will find a series of ongoing talks about the liberal arts given by Dr Michael Hewitt. They are shown in reverse chronological order. Under the Blogs menu you will find beautifully illustrated transcripts of the podcasts.

Podcast 7: Sophia


In this podcast learn about the connection between Sophia (wisdom) and the liberal arts.

Podcast 6: Reality Creation

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In this podcast learn all about the art of co-creating your reality with the universe.

Podcast 5: Tabula Rasa

lily-uki_71 at pixabay

A fascinating talk on the liberal art of grammar. Be warned: the liberal art of grammar is not what you think it is.

Podcast 4: A Tremendous Heritage


In  this fourth podcast I discuss the tremendous heritage that the study of the liiberal arts will awaken us to.

Podcast 3: Awakening to a New Reality

lily by Capri23auto at Pixabay

In this third podcast I explain how to begin your studies of the liberal arts by revisiting the work that your five senses do for you.

Podcast 2 The Light of Self

Allegory of the Seven Liberal Arts Marten de Vos

In this talk I present two of the keys needed to unlock the treasures of the liberal arts. The first key is the radiant light of our own consciousness. The second key is the existence of the real world beyond the illusory world that ordinarily captivates all of our attention. If you have ever wondered how to ‘escape the matrix’ this talk is for you.

Podcast 1: Introduction to the Liberal Arts


A gentle introduction to the liberal arts explaining what they are and some of the benefits to be gained from the study of the liberal arts. if you are interested in the potential of the human being to become a wiser and more enlightened being please listen to this first podcast.


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